*The below items are being discontinued by Emmi Roth due to low movement.  It’s happening quite quickly, so some of these might be a surprise.  We will mark on here when stock has been depleted.

Item # Description  Depleted
56681 12/6oz Roth Vintage Van Gogh Deli Cuts Yes
56686 12/4oz Roth Moody Blue Crumble Cups Yes
56679 12/4oz Roth Moody Blue Wedges Yes
1043 12/6oz Roth Dill Havarti Slices  Yes
32625 2/1kg Jean LaFitte Brie Wheels Yes
32630 2/3.75# Jean Lafitte Brie Rectangle Yes
57226 2/5# Kindred Medium Cheddar Loafs       Yes
5487 2/4# Harmony Stilton (Cranberry) Yes
2526 1/12# Petit Swiss Wheel       Yes
56688 12/6oz Roth Fontina Slices       Yes
56683 12/6oz Roth Gran Queso       Yes
21130 6/12oz Roth Mini Cheese Boards       Yes
3165 2/6# Roth Gran Queso Reserve       Yes
1512 2/7# Roth Original Gouda Loaf  Yes
3298 1/9# Roth Reduced Fat Havarti Loaf       Yes
2799 2/7# Roth Smoked Fontina Loaf       Yes
2607 12/12oz Queso Blanco Cuts       Yes
33753 12/7oz Swiss Knight Chocolate Fondue       Yes

*The below items will be discontinued as of 04/01/2018  (Some inventory might be available for the next few weeks)

Item # Description
All Kelly’s Kitchen Cream Cheese Spreads
All Sugar Brook Farms Cheddar Spreads
All Sugar Brook Farms Cheese Balls
All Sugar Brook Farms Cheese Logs

*The below items were discontinued as of 06/01/2017  (Some inventory might be available, as a few are still periodically made)


Item # Description
1041 Roth Natural Smoked Gouda Slices 12/6oz
1044 Roth Jalapeno Havarti Slices 12/6oz
1051 Roth Horseradish Havarti Slices 12/6oz
1152 Mediterrean Raclette Whl 1/15#
1267 Roth Flatbread Blend 12/6oz
1512 Roth Original Gouda Loaf 2/7#
2013 Petite Swiss Reserve Whl 1/20#
2089 Iceberg Blue Crumbles 4/5#
2440 Roth Flatbread Blend 2/5#
2470 Grand Cru Alpine Blend 4/5#
2496 Quattro Formaggi Blend 4/5#
2690 XSole! Queso Quesadilla 2/5#
3069 Buttermilk Gorgonzola Whl 1/6#
3689 Buttermilk Gorgonzola Cr 2/5#
3780 Rose & Crown Stilton 3/2.75#
56688 Roth Fontina Slices 12/6oz