*The below items are being discontinued by Emmi Roth due to low movement.  It’s happening quite quickly, so some of these might be a surprise.  We will mark on here when stock has been depleted.

Item # Description  Depleted
56681 12/6oz Roth Vintage Van Gogh Deli Cuts Yes
56686 12/4oz Roth Moody Blue Crumble Cups Yes
56679 12/4oz Roth Moody Blue Wedges Yes
1043 12/6oz Roth Dill Havarti Slices  Yes
32625 2/1kg Jean LaFitte Brie Wheels Yes
32630 2/3.75# Jean Lafitte Brie Rectangle Yes
57226 2/5# Kindred Medium Cheddar Loafs
5487 2/4# Harmony Stilton (Cranberry) Yes
2526 1/12# Petit Swiss Wheel
56688 12/6oz Roth Fontina Slices
56683 12/6oz Roth Gran Queso
21130 6/12oz Roth Mini Cheese Boards
3165 2/6# Roth Gran Queso Reserve
1512 2/7# Roth Original Gouda Loaf Yes
3298 1/9# Roth Reduced Fat Havarti Loaf
2799 2/7# Roth Smoked Fontina Loaf
2607 12/12oz Queso Blanco Cuts
33753 12/7oz Swiss Knight Chocolate Fondue

*The below items will be discontinued as of 04/01/2018  (Some inventory might be available for the next few weeks)

Item # Description
All Kelly’s Kitchen Cream Cheese Spreads
All Sugar Brook Farms Cheddar Spreads
All Sugar Brook Farms Cheese Balls
All Sugar Brook Farms Cheese Logs
All Kelly’s Kitchen Chocolate Cheese Fudge*
*1/24# Still available sporadically, some stock of
 12/7oz Fudge still available.

*The below items were discontinued as of 06/01/2017  (Some inventory might be available, as a few are still periodically made)


Item # Description
1041 Roth Natural Smoked Gouda Slices 12/6oz
1044 Roth Jalapeno Havarti Slices 12/6oz
1051 Roth Horseradish Havarti Slices 12/6oz
1152 Mediterrean Raclette Whl 1/15#
1267 Roth Flatbread Blend 12/6oz
1512 Roth Original Gouda Loaf 2/7#
2013 Petite Swiss Reserve Whl 1/20#
2089 Iceberg Blue Crumbles 4/5#
2440 Roth Flatbread Blend 2/5#
2470 Grand Cru Alpine Blend 4/5#
2496 Quattro Formaggi Blend 4/5#
2690 XSole! Queso Quesadilla 2/5#
3069 Buttermilk Gorgonzola Whl 1/6#
3689 Buttermilk Gorgonzola Cr 2/5#
3780 Rose & Crown Stilton 3/2.75#
56688 Roth Fontina Slices 12/6oz